Do I have to store Pushers drink in the fridge?

We have a few products that do well outside of the fridge:


These products from teh “retail line” are shelf stable for 12 months in ambient temperature. Our JUN Kumbucha, Nitro Black and DEFENDER are made with fresh ingredients however, and are considered “alive” so they need to stay chilled at all times.

How long do they keep in the fridge?

Retail Line

  • Peachy oolong fizz
  • Passion oolong fizz
  • Bloom berry fizz

Are all good for 18 months from brew date

Craft Line

  • Jun Kombucha 180 days
  • Defender 45 days
  • Nitro Black 45 days

Do you supply restaurant & cafes?

Yes, absolutely! We have a wholesale price and procedure set up for anyone that wants to add Pushers to their menu. We are also very active in helping our HoReCa accounts with promotions and activities.

We have a dedicated distributor for HoReCa that services greater Thailand – Euro Food. Get in touch with the directly or speak with us and we will connect you to the right person.

Are you available in super markets?

Yes, we are now available in most TOPS super markets around Thailand. With a growing number of locations each month.

Do you sell in other countries?

Yes, Pushers is available in the Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore, and China. And we hope to add a few more countires to the list soon.